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Recent Fraud Situations to Protect Yourself From
Fraud Prevention

Recent Fraud Situations to Protect Yourself From

Angie TruscinskiAngie Truscinski
Risk Management, Security Officer


Fraudsters are alive and well and I assure you they rarely sleep. They live in cities and rural areas throughout the United States – and the world - working out of offices, their homes, their cars – wherever they have a phone or access to the internet. Their jobs are 24/7 – to find a way to take advantage of you.

Here’s the good news – you can protect yourself by being aware and suspicious of anything that seems a bit out of the ordinary or too good to be true. Here are a few of the most recent fraud situations that have occurred in the communities Border Bank serves.

  • You won the lottery! In this case, the fraudster will need your bank information to route the winnings into your account. Don’t fall for this old trick!
  • Get cash for getting your car wrapped! In this case, the fraudster will send you a check for “payment” of wrapping your car. You will be directed to cash the check and send some back to the fraudster via cash or wire (like Western Union). Later, you will learn the check was fraudulent – you will be out of your money, but the fraudster will have his/her cash.
  • The online boyfriend/girlfriend needs cash for something….repairs, medical bills. In this case, the fraudster is the person you developed a romantic relationship with online. At some point, even months into the “relationship”, your “friend” asks for financial assistance.
  • You were advised by the state you filed for unemployment….but you didn’t! When someone files for an unemployment insurance account in your name, your employer will get a letter in the mail. If the imposter used your real address, you would also get letters mailed to your home. These are indicators your private information has been compromised! If an imposter has applied for unemployment benefits in your name, it means that person already had your private information BEFORE they applied. 

These are just a few fraud examples. If you need assistance determining if an offer, announcement of “winnings” or request for financial help from an online “friend” is legitimate, (or  need help understanding anything else out of the ordinary), please call your local Border Bank. You will be directed to our Fraud Team, a group of professionals who have been extensively trained on preventing, detecting, and stopping fraud. 


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