Re-evaluate your health plan enjoy net premium savings without increasing risk liability.

Start managing your organizations’ Health Care Costs by implementing Health Savings Accounts. Contact us to guide your organization to a happier, healthier future!

Employer Benefits:

  • Lower Premiums
    As employees become responsible for health costs.

  • Insulate Loss Ratio
    Since deductibles are higher, your ratios are insulated. This results in lower renewal rates on your health plan.
    Empowers employees to determine their level of Health Care, encouraging more efficient use of health benefits.

  • Reduce FICA Tax
    Employee’s payroll contribution to HSA ‘s save the employers FICA Tax. Payroll is lowered by the amount the employees contribute into their savings accounts. 

Employee Benefits:

  • Lower Premiums 

  • Tax Savings 
    Pre-Tax Contributions
    Tax Deferred Growth
    Tax Free Distribution for qualified medical expenses. 

Employee driven savings become a benefit to the employee versus the insurance carrier.

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