Get your money to work faster!

Put your money to use, quickly and more efficiently.

Remote deposit capture

Make deposits from your desktop instead of making another trip to the bank anytime, day or night with a portable scanner and an Internet connection. It’s the quickest way to turn check deposits into cash! DEMO HERE!

Merchant credit card services

Give your customers the convenience of paying with plastic by accepting credit and debit card payments. Your business will benefit with increased and quicker sales that direct deposit into your business checking account. Already accepting credit cards? Let us give your Merchant Account a thorough checkup! We’ll review all the rates and fees that you currently pay to see if we can save you money!

Wire transfer

Electronically move funds directly into your account.

ACH debit origination

Our web based Automated Clearing House services allow clients to create one-time and recurring transactions such as collect fees, donations and bills.

Bank and night depository

Deposit funds 24 hours a day, seven days a week in drop boxes at any of our 7 locations.

Your money at work, when you’re not.

Maximize profit and control operating costs by monitoring accounts and using available cash.

Online business banking
  • Free unlimited access to your accounts. Many features for easy, convenient banking.
  • Monitor account 24/7
  • View check images & online statements
  • Schedule online Border Bank loan payments, stop payments
  • Schedule online Border Bank account transfers
  • Advance from lines of credit
  • Exportable statements to your accounting software
  • Address changes
  • User management, for multiple online account users.
Other Add-on Services:
  • Online bill pay
  • Schedule wire transfers
  • ACH origination
Account analysis

We can track commercial account activity to determine if the earnings credit on balances is sufficient to compensate for the cost of services provided.

Keep your money working.

Save money by making secure, timely payments to employees and vendors.

Direct deposit payroll

Send your employee payroll conveniently and affordably from anywhere.

ACH credit origination

Our web based Automated Clearing House services allow you to create one-time and recurring transactions such as payroll, reimbursements, bonuses and royalties.

Outgoing wire transfers

Electronically generate a designated payment immediately.

Border Bank Instant Cash / Check Mastercard©

Transactions deducted directly from your business checking account. Multiple users can be added to each account and you can track expenses of individual cardholder spending.

Corporate VISA©

Track expenses of individual cardholder spending through easy-to-read online reporting.

If you have questions, please contact your Business Officer or a Personal Banker.