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Giving Back - ­The Quintessential Investment
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Giving Back - ­The Quintessential Investment

Shawn MasonShawn Mason
Communications Director

The best investment a community bank can make is investing in the communities their customers and employees call home. Simply said, it’s about giving back.

At Border Bank, we understand our significant role in the community as an engine to spur economic growth. Our small businesses, economic development leaders and residents depend upon our financial leadership in partnering to grow businesses and giving financial and human resources. 

In 2019, donations and sponsorships to local non-profit organizations, special activities and events approximated $250,000.00. When COVID-19 hit, we were unable to host our annual open houses and our brand refresh public celebrations. Executive leadership quickly reallocated the celebration funds and developed a “cultivating community” program, empowering each employee to contribute $200 to their favorite local non-profit organization or activity, on behalf of the bank, which brings our 2020 total contributions to nearly $280,000.00!

Besides contributing financial resources, our civic-minded and giving employees collectively contribute literally thousands of hours volunteering every year for non-profit organizations, activities, benefits and special community events.

Covid, or no Covid…giving back is always the best investment a community bank can make. 

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