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Advice for First Time Home Sellers

Advice for First Time Home Sellers

Kelly EngstromKelly Engstrom
Real Estate Officer | NMLS# 1149392



Are you running out of space in your current home? Dreaming of that large backyard? Maybe you are just not happy with the current location or school district you are in. If this is your first time selling a property, there are a few things you need to know. 


  1. You still need to get prequalified. Your Border Bank Loan Officer is going to help you determine what purchase price you can afford, using the equity in your current home, minus the fees associated with selling it. You’ll want this done before you list, so you aren’t rushed to figure it out after you have an accepted offer.
  2. Ask your realtor advice on preparing your home for sale. They’ll most likely tell you to declutter, clean and depersonalize the home so others can envision their lives in that space. 
  3. The little things matter – make sure all light bulbs are working, fill holes, replace torn window screen, refresh dull paint. Potential buyers want to see a home that is cared for.
  4. Curb appeal is important! If you are listing in the months when the snow is still flying, you’ll want to make sure that driveway and walkways are clear so potential buyers can access the entire property. In the summer, you’ll want to make sure your lawn is manicured, and front door is clean and welcoming. 
  5. Line up movers early. Have the quote from your moving company prepared early so when the offer does come in, you can book that date before someone else does. 

If you have any questions on getting prequalified or additional advice on selling your home, please reach out to a mortgage officer at Border Bank! Click here to meet our mortgage experts.

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