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What's your Personal Security Score, and why is it important?
Fraud Prevention

What's your Personal Security Score, and why is it important?

Leon Senn

Leon Senn
IT Director


Border Bank is pleased to announce a new and exciting partnership with S2Me and we are now offering our customers access to their own personal security score.

We have all heard of credit scores, and the practices that impact your credit score. Think of this as a very similar tool, that only you have access to, that tells you what your online security score is, and how you can improve your score over time, by doing a few simple tasks. Once you complete your assessment, you will be given a score, and an action plan that you can start implementing.  As you complete tasks, you can improve your score.

The tool focuses 10 areas:
•    Household Computers
•    Safe Practices for Internet Usage
•    Authentication
•    Securing Mobile Devices
•    Securing Wifi
•    Securing Gateway
•    Backing up Data
•    Internet of Things (IoT)
•    Physical Security
•    Breach and Incident Response

Each section has a series of questions, an explanation if needed, and the risk that is being addressed, as well as recommendations to reduce that risk. This is all designed to address some little things that one can do to protect their data, and their identity.

The cyber space is constantly under attack, and constantly evolving. Staying vigilant is ultimately the key to becoming a victim of an attack. This tool is part of an arsenal of tools that should be used to stay ahead of the bad guys. While the tool will not actively stop an attack, it is designed to give you tips to reduce your risk, and that is step one in protecting your data.  

This information in this tool is not shared in anyway, and only you have access to your score, unless you choose the share it. This tool is offered free of charge to customers of Border Bank. Feel free to share the link with family, loved ones, friends, coworkers so they can take the quiz as well. The site does not collect any personal information other than your name, email address, and a few other items to help build scores. You will not be asked to enter any of your information regarding equipment you use, or systems you access.

Please visit our Border Bank S2Me page to begin taking the assessment, get your personal security score, and start protecting your data.

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