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Community Banking – Two little words, huge impact.
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Community Banking – Two little words, huge impact.

Tammy StantonTammy Stanton
Chief Operating Officer


It was 1990, in the small agriculture town of Greenbush, Minnesota; and a twenty-something version of myself applied for a job as a teller at Greenbush State Bank, the local community bank. I got the job, coupled with bookkeeping duties of all sorts. 

I recall monitoring the large mainframe (imagine that), not far from the large proof machine that had several “pockets” to sort checks for statements. Our team would manually print, count checks and stuff monthly bank statements. Typewriters were still used for opening accounts; and smoking was allowed in the breakroom. 

The bank ownership and management believed a true community bank is one that is a conduit for local economic, community and business development. They believed a meaningful community bank should have a positive impact upon the community’s quality of life through giving of resources – financial, civic leadership and volunteering. And it was so. Giving back became the core of our culture. We lived it - we loved it - it defined us.

So much changed over the years to follow. Greenbush State Bank acquired and established other banks between 1990 and 2022; and today we have 11 branches in Minnesota and North Dakota under the flag of Border Bank. Banking technology advanced rapidly and management was equally swift with their ongoing strategic investments in technology – and our employees -  to meet our customers’ growing expectations for banking products and services. It was an evolution for me as well - going from Teller, Bookkeeper, to Customer Service Manager, Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and now Chief Operations Officer. 

In this whirlwind of changes, there was one thing that didn’t change for our financial organization – Genuine Community Banking. 

We have honored the core of our community banking culture since day one, no matter the economic or political climate. We continue to foster economic and community growth by investing in the communities we serve by helping businesses grow, contributing to non-profit organizations, activities, and events – and we are steadfast in standing shoulder to shoulder with our friends and neighbors, volunteering our time to make our communities healthier. 

We live it – we love it – it’s who we are.   

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